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The albums, M on left, K on right. I thought K's was supposed to have a little wolf on it to match the "beauty" on the M album, but it either fell off or is only on certain albums. (Note that the M album doesn't have the little "EXO THE 1ST ALBUM" sticker on the top right corner, either.) I received a Sehun photocard in my K album and Suho in the M album. That's another thing - the photocards are COMPLETELY RANDOM. Just because you buy an M album doesn't mean you'll get an M member photocard, and vice versa for K.

Sehun's photocard up close, front side. This picture also appears on the back of the K album.

IT'S ALMOST LIKE HE'S SMILING. ♥ This is the reverse side of the photocard. The photo appears on the back of the M album.

Suho's photocard, front side. Photo also appears on the back of the K album.

Oooh, look at that sultry gaze! This is the reverse side of his photocard, but unlike Sehun's photos, this seems to be an unreleased picture, as Suho is smiling in his photo on the back of M's jacket.

Reverse side of each album, featuring the yearbook photo collage from the teasers.

Huge motherfuckin' poster that came free with the album. I got four posters for buying two albums, jesus christ on a cracker.

Yearbook photo collage, as seen on the back of M's album jacket.

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