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22 GIFs: SNSD (Visual Dreams)

The final SNSD GIF post comes from "Visual Dreams." SNSD were chosen to perform a single in conjunction with Intel Korea's new core processor promotions. So they learned this dance in two days, shot this awful video, and the song is crap. At least their hair looks good.

Except Hyoyeon. I wanna know who her stylist is so I can punch her in the face. WHY YOU DO THIS TO SUCH A BEAUTIFUL GIRL?!?!!? ;____;

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15 GIFs: SNSD (Hoot)

These GIFs are from "Hoot," the lead single from SNSD's third mini-album of the same name. This video kind of sucks, but the dance is cute. The hairstyles, however... well, I'll leave that to you to decide.

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14 GIFs: SNSD (Genie)

Next up: "Genie (Sowoneul Malhaebwa)," or "Tell Me Your Wish," the first SNSD song I fell in love with. (Though it was the second one I'd ever heard. First goes to Run Devil Run, which glitterati recorded herself doing the dance to. You can blame her for all this, btw. It was her SNSD pimp posts that got me listening to them back in October in the first place. xD)

This is where the girls started going from their hyper-cute, innocent image into something a little sexier. (The mini-album came out between their debut and the release of Oh!) AND I LOVE IT.

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16 GIFs: SNSD (Oh!)

Next up for GIFage is "Oh!", the debut single from SNSD's second album… aptly titled, Oh! Yeah. Very original. Still, the dance is cute and the close-up shots are adorable.

oh oh oh oppareul saranghae!Collapse )

19 GIFs: SNSD (Run Devil Run)

Excuse me for what I'm about to do (i.e. SPAM THE FUCK OUT YOUR FLIST). I spent the last two days making GIFs from SNSD and 2NE1 videos, and because there are so many of them I'm posting them in individual posts for each video, otherwise the page will NEVER LOAD.

Some of the posts will have icons, too. I promise.

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This song came up on my K-Pop shuffle while I was making this post. That happened TWICE last night while I was making the GIFs. WHAT IS MY COMPUTER DOING IT'S FREAKING ME OOOOOUT.
Funny how this comm started off being about fashion models and now it's turned into a repository for my other various obsessions. OH WELL IDGAF. If you're still around, all I have to say is that K-Pop was my greatest discovery of 2010 and SHINee is way better than any boy band I grew up with. (SRY BSB/NSYNC LOL BYE.) So funny, so cute, so RIDIC TALENTED WTF.

Anyway. Moving on. I figured out how to make GIFs so I made a bunch from SHINee's "Lucifer" and "Ring Ding Dong" (lol I don't even know) music videos. Please enjoy.

ALSO YES OKAY I KNOW LEE TAEMIN IS DEFINITELY JAILBAIT BUT EXCUSE ME BOYFRIEND LOOKS FINE IN THE LUCIFER PV. If you can't see what I mean, just check the file names. :| I'm going to jail whatever. Raptor Jesus Jjong will protect me.

her whisper is the Lucifer~~~~Collapse )


Thanks to my bro glitterati, I've become only slightly obsessed with the Korean pop group SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae, or Girls' Generation). For those of you not in the know, there are nine members (Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, SooYoung, Yoona, and Seohyun) and they are all special and awesome, except for Yoona, who is boring. :| Which is why she only gets one icon.

1-8: Hyoyeon (THE BALLER. She's a sick dancer, yo. And she has such an expressive face, I just love to watch her.)
9: Hyoyeon & Sunny (The cutest goddamn girl in the goddamn world, omfg. Just. Wait for it.)
10: Jessica (Her voice annoys me; not one of my favorites, tbh.)
11-12: Seohyun (The maknae, or youngest, of the group. So adorbs. Plays piano like a boss, holy god.)
13-14: Random shot from "Gee," and I can't tell who that is in the second one. I don't recognize the mouth, lol.
15-23: SooYoung (The sexy one. I love her hair when it's short.)
24-33: Sunny (SO MUCH AEGYO IT'LL BREAK YOUR BRAIN. Her cuteness is out of this world.)
34: Sunny & Taeyeon (Sunbae, or the oldest in the group, and leader. She has great hair.)
35-42: Taeyeon (Sings like a mofo, sweet lord. Just. Damn, girl.)
43-45: Tiffany (Sooooo pretty. She and Jessica are both Korean-American and thus speak fluent English and Korean.)
46: Yoona (Ugh, whyyyyyy.)
47-48: Yuri (Hot-ass bitch. GIRL. SHAKE DAT ASS.)

Icons are a mix of screencaps from different videos: "Gee," "Oh!", "Hoot," "Run Devil Run," and "Chocolate Love."

Comment, credit flyingmango, and enjoy, as usual!

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The following icons are my entry to Round 3 of muse20in20. The subject for this round was the music video for the 2007 single "Invincible," off the band's fourth studio album, Black Holes and Revelations. Some of the themes were really hard to incorporate - "party" in particular was a rough one because the video just... doesn't have that! But I had a lot of fun working on the category icons, for sure, and playing with textures and text. :D

I'm sorry, incidentally, that this comm has become so much about MUSE OMFG in the last few weeks. I kind of fell out of the fashion world so making model icons has become... sort of a lower priority, lol. I'll probably be doing musician icons for a while now, so hopefully you'll all stick around for those. :)

Also, hope it's not cheating that I used the single artwork for my Artist's Choice icons - it's still relevant, and I adore that artwork, it's probably my favorite of any Muse artwork. ♥

Anyway, as always - enjoy the icons, and please do comment and credit if you take any!

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well, slap my ass and call me bob

Apparently my Wolstenfierce icons went over pretty well, because I won three awards for the second round of voting at muse20in20. You can check them out under the cut:

Mmmm, Dom Howard's smile...Collapse )

Thanks to everyone who voted! Now to work on my "Invincible" icons for Round 3... :D


These icons, featuring the bassist for Muse, Chris Wolstenholme, will be submitted for Round 2 of muse20in20. If you take any, please remember to comment and credit. Enjoy!

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