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18 GIFs: SNSD (Gee & Into the New World)

I only made a few gifs from "Gee" and "Into the New World," so I'm putting them into one post. "Gee" is another one of those songs I found supremely annoying when I first heard it, but the girls are so cute (SO MUCH FUCKING AEGYO, JFC) and the dance is so fun to do that I relented in the end.

Also, it's really colorful. I love pretty colors and sparkly shit.

The other video is "Into the New World," which is SNSD's debut single and probably one of their best songs. Musically, it's so beautiful (AND WATCH THOSE BISHES DANCE, HOLY GOD. lol Tiffany's mushroom haircut lol), and the lyrics are AMAZING (very much embodying that whole Japanese gambarimasu ideal, I think, which is why I think SNSD should've recorded this and the song "Him Nae!" in Japanese when they debuted in Japan last year, BUT I DON'T WORK FOR SM ENTERTAINMENT SO MY OPINION DOESN'T MATTER), but it's not really your typical pop song, which I suppose is why the Wonder Girls were Korea's It Group for most of 2008. It wasn't until "Gee" came out in 2009 that SNSD took over.

Either way, please enjoy the gifs. :D

1-10: Gee
11-18: Into the New World

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